Founder Membership  opened on 5 August 2016 - with an initial payment for the period to 31 December 2017 of just £4.00.

Founder Membership registrations will close on 31 December 2016 and become Membership with an increase to £7 to cover the modest costs that the club expects to incur.

Touring Cyclist Club is a NEW venture and is relying on ideas, suggestions, input and direct contrbutions from members - we have to start somewhere and the initial modest Founder Member subscription is really just to cover the administration costs incurred by the unpaid volunteers running the club.

Membership is on a simple "one membership, one person" basis for administrative simplicity.

NOTE: The basic membership fee does not include insurance cover - negotiations are in progress to offer third-party insurance as an optional add-on with membership..

To JOIN go to the online membership application section - or   CLICK HERE   

When you join you will receive a Welcome message with your MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT details - the membership system is ONLY for membership matters - the club's FORUM is a separate registration with an ID & PW of your choosing.
Go to the website FORUM link to register (there is a human checking approval process to prevent hackers and spammers - you will normally be approved within 12 hours)   DO NOT use your email address as your Forum name.