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The LIBRARY will be indexed with sections that match the core website content sections with downloadable content in the form of pdfs, gpx and other files.

In due course, members will need to log-in to the site to access most of the library content.

Number of Categories: 3
folder.png Journals Files: 3

MEMBERS ONLY : Documents about routes - either as .pdf documents hosted on the TCC website, or possibly links to members' own webspace (but not to other hosting libraries for copyright and intellectual property reasons)

This category is initially open to all users while content is amassed - in due course it will be for members only, with a further level of indexing for different content/interest areas.

folder.png Routes Files: 0

MEMBERS ONLY : Routes (normally in .gpx format) - with sub-categories for some or all of : contients, countries, regions etc.

folder.png Example section Files: 1

An example . . . perhaps public access with a few items to example the members' only content.


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