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I must hold up both hands and admit to some degree of responsibility for this rather sad outpouring of disappointment from followers of this forum. Some while back I was asked if I would keep an eye on the forum and respond to queries and put stuff up as appropriate, or when time permitted; sadly time has not permitted and I am very sorry I agreed to carry out a task I am clearly not in a position to fulfil.

In a perfect world, when one's life is well ordered and nothing untoward has taken place, then windows of time present themselves. But the world isn't perfect and things are always cropping up.

I also have a tendency to fill my life with stuff. Plus I'm a lazy sod. I'm sure I'm no different to thousands of other retirees who thought that leaving work would free their lives up to such an extent that they would have time aplenty. Well, it hasn't worked out that way for me. Additionally I think that retirement for many leads to a worsening of one's time management habits and, since I was never good at time management, this has exacerbated matters even more.

I'm writing this because today has brought with it a few hours of comparative calm, so I have set about the task of reducing my email inbox which has reached an unprecedented 4,000 emails - most read, but not deleted. A message from the TCC prompted me to take an embarrassed peek at what the current state of play is. And clearly it's not great.

There are a lot of forums, websites and Facebook pages relating specifically to cycle touring and it's always going to be this way. I'm sure there is a place for the TCC, even if it's only frequented by disgruntled members and ex-members of the good old CTC. Let's not do anything hasty; let's congratulate Dennis and Rob once again for their past (and future) efforts, but they can't be expected to do everything, and it must be very disheartening to read about members' disappointment at the club's lack of progress into becoming a significant player in the genre.

As I was approaching my departure from working at CTC, it was fast becoming obvious that, as a provider of touring information, we no longer held centre stage; we had been overtaken by the internet basically. My information sheet INF36 gave an indication as to what else was out there - I attach a copy: you can see when it was written. [No I don't attach it because it's too large an attachment for this forum. Anyone who would like to see a copy please email me direct, but remember it's eight years old now!] At the time I felt that the best direction that the CTC's Touring Information Desk could take was to provide a resource containing links to as many sites of all descriptions which touched on cycle touring. I believe that TCC could offer this potentially very useful facility. We've all got lists of such sites in the bookmarks on our computers - we should share them.

As for York Rally, I was there for the first time in years, and very good it was too. I had things to do, so couldn't have helped staff a TCC stand except perhaps for an hour or two at the most. Organising a stand is not a job to be underestimated and requires money, prep time, a number of volunteers and enthusiasm. As an alternative I would suggest, if it isn't there already, that we ask for a small advertisement on the rally website; this might also be possible on the Festival of Cycle Touring website.

Good wishes to all.... and happy cycle touring!!