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The Forum
« on: 11 February 2016, 16:48:22 »
We don't want lots of rules, but we would ask that :

Posts, and replies to posts are made in a courteous manner - remember that at the start (in February 2016) the Forum is for interested parties to put forward their ideas and thoughts for a potential new cycle touring club in some form.

By all means discuss and comment on ideas BUT let's not have the tortuous arguments, frequently veering way off-topic, that plague other fora.

The Forum has Moderators, hopefully they will need the lightest of touches on the handlebars of the Forum.
30 May 2016 :  Having enabled automated registration for the Forum we are finding that an increasing number of spammers are registering (or attempting to do so) - with the intention of posting promotional and other dubious messages etc.    This situation is not unusual - although it's difficult to see what there is to gain.

As a result we have implemented the "Admin Approval" option in the Forum's operating software - that means that new member registrations will be checked and approved before they are confirmed and posting is allowed.   The Admins are notified and will make best endeavors to approve (or reject!) registrations as quickly as possible - you can of course read the posts in the meantime.

It's unfortunate that we have had to take this step - we'll monitor the activity and if it becomes possible to revert to immediate registration we will do so.
23 September 2016 : Please write posts with upper-case characters where appropriate - it makes text much easier to read ...... all keyboards have a SHIFT key  ;)
When you join TCC as a paid-up member you will receive a Welcome message with your MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT details - the membership system is ONLY for membership matters - the club's FORUM is a separate registration with an ID & PW of your choosing.
You register from the Forum front page at the top left (there is a human checking approval process to prevent hackers and spammers - you will normally be approved within 12 hours)   DO NOT use your email address as your Forum name.


If you've arrived here by a direct link, the Touring Cyclist Club's website Home page is at
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