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Title: UPDATE - 4 June 2017
Post by: webmaster on 4 June 2017, 21:19:31
 Following our update on 28 April 2017 (broadcast, published on the Forum and the website News) we have been very disappointed to receive just one volunteer to help at the York Rally, and just one content contribution (on 2 June).
Having had so much encouragement at the start for us to get something going we expected people to come forward to assist and contribute - and not perhaps just pay a token initial subscription and wait for the new club to emerge.
Given the lack of help and the potential cost of a presence at the York Rally we have had to take the decision not to attend this year.
We shall make this appeal one final time. To be blunt, if TCC members want this club to continue then they have to help out by volunteering to support TCC and/or provide web content.   There have been a few positive posts and suggestions in the Forum but, at present, they are simply not viable financially or achievable.
We have put a lot of effort and time into  providing the opportunity and platform for the club to get started, but without TCC member help we simply cannot continue for ever.   A provisional deadline was set, we really don't want to lose the initial momentum.
Rob & Dennis
Note: over the next few weeks we will both be on cycle touring trips so responses to Forum posts or other messages may be delayed.

EDIT - 6 June 17 - this announcement is set as "locked and sticky" in the Forum as it is just that, an announcement.  Thoughts, ideas, comments etc are welcomed and will be best served by a new thread or threads rather than the original announcement perhaps being diverted at a tangent.